PEBC Evaluating Exam Preparation Course

This course will cover full syllabus that is targeted by the exam. At Canadian Academy of research and development, we prepare you to pass this exam through our very knowledgeable experienced university professors and extensively experienced professional pharmacists from different provinces in Canada. Our teaching staff have an extensive experience with PEBC exams with very high record of success and also are applying interactive engaging teaching methods.

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1 Sunday Nov 4th /2018
2 Sunday Nov 11th /2018
3 Sunday Nov 18th /2018
4 Sunday Nov 25th /2018
5 Wednesday Nov 29th /2018
6 Sunday Dec 2nd /2018
7 Wednesday Dec 5th /2018
8 Sunday Dec 9th /2018
9 Wednesday Dec 12th /2018
10 Sunday Dec 16th /2018
11 Wednesday Dec 19th /2018
12 Sunday Dec 23nd /2018