We are a Canadian-based, non-governmental academy, which was created for researchers, academics, students and institutions that seek to transform themselves through cutting-edge technologies, innovative learning, and rigorous courses and training.

At Canadian Academy of Research and Development (CARD), we believe in the highest quality training, education, professional development, knowledge exchange and research.  Through our institutional partners in North America, along with other leading global members, we present the best of higher education, training, and development, offering opportunity to anyone who wants to achieve, thrive, and grow.

Our goals, however, go beyond offering conferences, workshops, training courses and continued education. We are committed to research that will allow us to build skills, knowledge and innovation exchange network.  As one of the most fast growing research academies in North America, we will empower and inspire researcher and scholars around the world and promote success in learning and skills development.

At CARD, we believe in offering the highest quality conferences, workshops, and training courses, created and organized by scientific institutes, Universities and partners who share our commitment to excellence in knowledge exchange and learning.

Our goals:

  • Expand access to training, education and skill development for everyone all over the world.
  • Advance teaching and learning through research in different science areas.
  • Facilitating and improving knowledge transfer, sharing and exchange between researchers from different areas of the world.

Our values:

  • Collaboration and partnerships.
  • Innovation and creativity in fulfilling our mission.

Our Vision:

“Canadian Academy of Research and Development (CARD) aims to be one of the distinguished scientific bodies in Canada in the field of supporting the development and capacity building of scientists, researchers, students and professionals via conducting world class training workshops, holding international scientific activities as well as offering educational and scientific consultation”

Our Mission:

Canadian Academy of Research and Development (CARD) is committed to help the researchers, students and professionals to develop their skills, knowledge and to build their capacities up to the international standards which will be consequently reflected on the quality of their scientific, educational and professional outcomes.

Our Objectives:

Canadian Academy of Research and Development (CARD) aims to:

1- Support the scientific activities through offering scientific consultation and support services that may enable reaching better research outcomes

2- Enable fruitful scientific interaction and exchanging ideas between researchers from different countries by holding international conferences in different scientific disciplines

3-Develop the skills of researchers, students and professionals via conducting a variety of world class training and capacity building programs

4- Support Professionals and Students to realize distinguished carrier and study outcomes via offering different mentoring, guidance and professional preparation programs