Scientific Services

Canadian Academy of Research and Development (CARD) is proud to provide a wide variety of scientific services to researchers and to companies. These services are provided by our network of distinguished scientists, professors , researchers as well as our consortium of leading partners.
Who are the beneficiaries of our scientific services:

  • The Scientific Services we provide will enable researchers to excel in their field with a high quality research that ends with high impact publications or patent products
  • We provide Scientific consultation for institutions and some regulatory bodies about developing their guidelines and Standard operation procedures
  • We qualify different kinds of institutions for accreditation and meeting the quality standards
  • We do research for industrial sector that helps product development or support decision making process.

Examples of scientific services we provide include (but not restricted to):

  • Scientific editing and proofreading of scientific articles
  • Customized scientific and professional training programs
  • SWOT analysis
  • Designing, implementing and monitoring development plans
  • Preparation of research plan and research proposals
  • Market studies and market analysis
  • Preparation of business development plan
  • Financial plan preparation
  • Qualification for accreditation
  • Regulatory and Technical Training
  • Validation services

For requesting or arranging any scientific services please contact: